What is Blue Pill?

Blue pill refers to taking the easy way out, choosing to ignore the harsh reality and live in blissful ignorance. “You take the blue pill — the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.” Morpheus, The Matrix

Someone who chooses to remain ignorant in order to be happy is said to be in a state of Blue Pill, much like those who choose the blue pill in The Matrix.
One who chooses to remain ignorant in exchange for happiness.

To tell someone a dishonest pleasantry instead of the actual truth. Refers to the blue pill in the movie “The Matrix”.

Blue pilling someone can have one of two purposes:
1) an evil purpose, such as lulling them into complacency in order to exploit them more effectively, or
2) a good purpose, such as mercifully shielding them from a horrible truth that they actually are powerless to avoid or prevent, in which case a pleasant delusion is actually the more humane option.

Blue Pill is a general name given to anyone not yet unplugged from the matrix.

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